small domeSmall Dome – $40
4” wide x 1.75” deep

One of our most popular choices. This style of embedment is usually laid flat on a table or shelf. Makes a nice paperweight.

Domes are a popular choice when selecting a style that will appeal to several different people.


medium domeMedium Dome – $50
4.50″ wide x 2.25″ deep

A popular choice that is larger than the above dome in all dimensions. Has enough space for larger flowers.

Compliments the other dome sizes well and displays nicely with them in a group.


large domeLarge Dome – $75
5.25″ wide x 2.75″ deep

An extra – large dome that is especially deep in the center and can hold large flowers easily. Makes a lovely conversation piece and is usually laid flat on a table or shelf.

Also combines especially well with the other size domes.


small octagonSmall Octagon – $35
3.25″ wide x 1.75″ deep

A smaller octagon – shaped piece suitable for a smaller display of flowers or other things. Can be combined with the large octagon (below) to make a nice set.


octagonMedium Octagon – $60
3.75″ wide x 1.50″ deep

Another popular choice. This piece has 8 beveled sides and a flat top surface.

This style can be displayed upright or laid flat and works especially well as a paperweight.


Large Octagon – $80
5.75″ wide x 2.50″ deep

Our newest and largest beveled octagon-shaped piece. Capable of holding several large roses or other flowers.

Pairs well with the medium octagon in a grouping. Usually laid flat on a table or can be displayed using a stand.


small heartSmall Heart – $40
3.75″ wide x 1.50″ deep

Also one of our three best sellers. A nice size that is slightly smaller than the octagon or dome.

This piece does not have as much depth as the dome or octagon. Larger flowers may not fit in this piece.

This style is usually laid flat on a table or shelf or held upright in a stand.

medium heartMedium Heart – $65
5.75″ wide x 1.75″ deep

A good size embedment for larger displays with enough width and depth to accommodate most any flower(s).

This can be displayed on a stand (as shown) or laid flat.


large heartLarge Heart – $80
7.50″ wide x 2″ deep

A large embedment with plenty of room for a large display of flowers.

This piece makes a fine centerpiece when combined with other, smaller hearts.


extra large heartExtra Large Heart – $125
10″ wide x 2″ deep

An extra larger heart- shaped piece that showcases beautiful flower arrangements. Perfect for weddings. Holds just about any large flowers, photos, and more. Anchors a group of heart shaped pieces or makes a eye- catching stand alone piece that’s sure to get people talking. New to Aurora, this is our latest size in our popular heart shape.


fluted edge plaqueFluted Edge Plaque – $50
3.75″ wide x 1.50″ deep

A lovely style with enough room to display a photo along with flowers. Works well with or without a photo. A nice alternative to the octagon style above.

Usually displayed on a stand (as shown) or hung on a wall with available wall hook inserted in the back.


Small Egg – $30
3.25″ wide x 4.25″ high x 1.50″ deep

A new, smaller egg-shaped piece at our most affordable price.

Will hold any small flowers such as miniature roses or carnations. Not suitable for full size roses or carnations.


Large Eegggg – $50
4.25″ wide x 6.50″ high x 1.50″ deep

A nice, larger alternative to a small dome. This shape can be designed with flower arrangements placed horizontally or vertically.

This piece can be displayed on a stand, laid flat or hung on a wall with available wall hook.



small flat ovalLarge Flat Oval – $45
3″ wide x 5.75″ high x 1.25″ deep

A new size that is about the same size as the egg shape above but is not tapered on the sides like the egg. Instead, it has a defined edge that is about 3/4 of an inch thick. The face of the piece is slightly thicker in the center (about 1.25 inches thick) and just a touch rounded to the edge. This size will hold many types of smaller flowers but is not suggested for full size roses, which are too tall to fit in this size piece.

The small flat oval pictured has a full size carnation and two miniature carnations, a delphinium, some asters and some other, smaller flowers.


thick oval centerpieceThick Oval Centerpiece – $95
5.75″ wide x 8.75″ high x 2.25″ deep

An extra large and extra thick size oval embedment that can anchor a display when accompanied with other, smaller embedments. This lovely piece has plenty of room for a large assortment of flowers and can be combined with several other choices to make a beautiful set.



pillowPillow – $125

This is a large, multi – faceted piece that weighs about 10 lbs. It makes a wonderful stand-alone table top piece and will hold many flowers of any type and size. Truly unique and makes a great conversation piece. (This picture simply doesn’t do the piece justice. Please check out the photo on the photo gallery page for a better idea of the breadth of this piece)

Aurora has been making this piece for years but only now has it been placed on our website.